Who Needs an Excuse to Go to the Beach? The Benefits of Going to the Seashore

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Who Needs an Excuse to Go to the Beach? The Benefits of Going to the Seashore

Summer is just around the corner, or that’s what we tell ourselves. We’re itching to soak up the sun and maybe catch a few waves. We’re Californians, relaxing on the beach is in our blood. We live off of vitamin D and the sounds of crashing waves. True beach bums go year round to relax on the beach, however most of just wait for the perfect summer day.

The beach is super relaxing for most people. That is one of the many reasons why we love the ocean so much. On top of just being relaxing, the beach is also very mysterious to us. The ocean can remind us that 70% of the Earth is covered in water. Not only is the Earth mostly aquatic, but there is so much that we don’t know about the ocean. The mysteries of the ocean continuously amaze us.

The ocean, and beaches aren’t just pretty; they actually help improve our wellness. Being close to a beach might be more beneficial then you originally thought. It might be worth paying the extra bucks for beachfront property. According to Superhero You, a website focused on improving quality of life, the beach benefits our lives in multiple ways like:

&38826; It’s better to walk on the sand – Walking on sand can help with your posture and foot muscle health.
&38826; Healthier skin – The salt water helps cleanse cuts, or scrapes. This process of natural purification is beneficial for your skin. The sand and salt water also act as a natural exfoliator.
&38826; Ocean sounds can soothe you – Ever fall asleep to sounds of the waves? The rhythmic nature of the ocean can help you fall into a trance.
&38826; Boost your immune system – The salty air and water can help clean out your systems.
&38826; Better air quality – The air comes in with the waves. Since the ocean is so vast, and there are no cities in the ocean polluting it with smog, it is typically cleaner which is better for you.
&38826; More active – Being at the beach almost requires you to be more active by walking through the sand, or swimming out into the ocean.
&38826; Perspective – Seeing how vast the ocean is and realizing how tiny you are can help put things into perspective for you.

The beach can do wonders for our wellness and health. It’s more than just a relaxing stroll on the beach. According to NBC walking along the beach can also boost your mood. Visiting the ocean can help release chemicals and hormones to your brain, thereby increasing your happiness. Who wouldn’t want to feel happier?

Even though summer is still months away, it is still the perfect time to go to the beach. Even in the winter months you can still benefit from a beach day. Sure the winter months may require you to wear a sweatshirt at the beach, but you still can feel the sand between your toes. All these benefits also give you a good excuse to ditch your responsibilities and smell some salty air.