The Strange Laws of California

The Strange Laws of California

The state of California is no stranger weirdness. It is part of what makes the state so great. However, there are some laws out there that are pretty strange. While it is unlikely that anyone would ever be arrested for breaking any of laws, you still can’t help but wonder how they came into existence in the first place.

Here are a few of the strange laws that can be found in the state of California:

• Women may not drive while wearing a house coat. Perhaps they were deemed too indecent at the time.
• Animals are banned from matting publicly within 1,500 feet of a school, tavern, or place of worship. Hopefully someone remembered to tell the animals about this law.
• Bathhouses are illegal. After all, we can’t have people getting clean in a communal setting.
• Sunshine is guaranteed to the masses. So who do we complain to when it’s a cloudy day?


Those were just a few examples of strange laws that affect the entire state. The following are laws that only affect certain cities:

• Nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a pool in Baldwin Park. Anyone else really interested in the story behind this law?
• Blythe residents are not allowed to wear cowboy boots unless they own two or more cows. Now fake cowboys allowed here.
• Women in Carmel are not allowed to wear high heels within the city limits. Also in Carmel, a man cannot go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match. Apparently the city gets to determine what people can wear here.
• In Chico, detonating a nuclear device within city limits will result in a $500 fine. You would think the punishment for doing something like that would be more severe, but what do we know?


This is just a small sample of the many strange laws that exist in the Golden State. Many can cause a person to scratch their head and wonder how such a law came into existence. All of them are worthy of a few good laughs. Luckily, as stated earlier, no one is going to get arrested for breaking any of these laws, except that last one.