How Are Bail Prices Determined?

How Are Bail Prices Determined?

Many people, when they hear the price of their loved one’s bail, wonder why it is so high. How could their loved one’s bail be so expensive? It makes them wonder how the price of a person’s bail is determined.

A judge determines a person’s bail price. To start, the judge looks at something that is called a bail schedule. A bail schedule is a list that is specific to an individual county, and lists every single crime that could be committed. Alongside each crime is the base amount a person’s bail should be for that crime.

Next, the judge will look at 4 common factors:

• The person’s criminal record.
• How the crime was committed.
• The likelihood of the person fleeing if out on bail.
• The danger the person may pose to the community.

The judge will consider these 4 things to determine the final price of the person’s bail. If the person has committed multiple crimes in the past, then the judge will likely raise the bail amount. If the crime was committed in a violent manner, then that can lead to an increased bail amount.

Next, the judge will look at whether or not he thinks that the person might try to flee while out on bail. If the judge is certain that the person will flee while out on bail, he may raise the bail amount or withhold bail all together.

Lastly, the judge considers whether or not the person poses a threat to the community. Does the judge think that the person will commit more crimes while out on bail? If so, he can raise the bail amount. If the person poses too much of a risk to the general public, bail can be withheld all together.

As you can see, bail is not just randomly assigned. There is a method to how a judge determines the price of someone’s bail. If you need to bail a friend or family member out of jail, you can talk to the professionals working here at Apple Valley Bail Bonds.

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