Are You Prepared for the Season to Change? Here Are Somethings to Do This Spring in California

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Here Are Somethings to Do This Spring in California

This winter has been cold, but it has flown by. Spring will be arriving soon and so we have to hang up our winter gear. It’s time to break out the floral pattern outfits, sunglasses, and start warming up once again. Here in California we’re so lucky to be able to have such great and diverse seasons to do nearly every kind of activity imaginable.

Spring is one of the best times of year in California. It’s not too hot or too cold. The skies are typically crisp blue, and the air fills with the smell of poppies. The mornings in the spring are usually colder, but by the time the sun comes up the temperatures are just right. The wildflowers are in bloom and the bunnies multiplying. The mountains still have just enough snow, and the grass is in full bloom.

The only set back you will face is realizing that there is simply too much for you to do. You can go to museums, drive the coastline, visit art galleries, and go to sporting events. Where do you even start with all of that? Well, it all depends on what you feel like doing today.

Hiking, and going sightseeing is better in the spring. Yosemite National Park is the best scenic option. Waterfalls, and rivers are usually at their fullest. The snow is melting and the water is flowing. It’s also less crowded in the spring than it is in the summer. Other sightseeing/hiking options could be the desert areas of California. Places like Death Valley and The Devil’s Punch Bowl are at the perfect temperature to go check them out.

There are also plenty of festivals in the springtime. Outdoor concerts and festivals are perfect this time of year with all of the bright colors and the perfect amount of sun. The Festival of Colors in Riverside happens every March. The Festival consists of yoga, music, dance, and throwing colors around.

The California Irish Festival also takes place in March, and is a Celtic celebration. Perris, California hosts large family event each year to celebrate Irish heritage.

There is plenty to do in California year round, however the best time of year is the spring. You avoid sweating away under the harsh sun, and your toes aren’t freezing off in the blistering cold. Break out your favorite springtime cloths, and grab your family: it’s time to enjoy the fresh spring air.