Do You Know What Your Child Does Online? You Should.

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Do You Know What Your Child Does Online? You Should.

The internet opened up a world of possibilities for everyone. Anyone in the world can get access to just about any information that they want. It is the biggest library of information on the planet. Unfortunately, not everything on the internet is wholesome and safe for children to see, which is why parents need to be aware of what their children are seeing online.

As a parent, it is important to establish ground rules for the child when they are online, and checkup from time to time in order to make sure the rules are being followed. Some good examples of rules would be:

• Never give out personal information such as name, address, and telephone number without a parent’s approval.
• Set a limit to how much time the child can spend online.
• Discuss how the child should behave when interacting with other people online.
• Establish rules for what they can and cannot do while online.
• Make sure they know to never meet new, online friend in person without a trusted adult’s supervision.
• Teach them how to fact check and make sure they know that not everything online is true.

It is important that your child know that he or she can come to you with anything they find online. This means you need to be involved with their internet experience from the get go. Show them how to explore the internet safely, what sites they can trust and what sites they can’t. Also be sure to let your child show you what they like to do online from time to time. This way, you will be able to see what it is they are doing while on the internet.

By being involved with your child’s internet experience, you are not only helping them stay safe, but are helping make the internet a little bit better of a place. By teaching your child proper internet manners, you are making it so they will behave online now and in the future as well. This helps make the internet a better place for everyone.